Just a quick thank you to our clients past and present. We have enjoyed hearing from a few past clients this year and this has been a real pleasure. For a few intense weeks of planning and installation, we manage to develop a superb rapport and hearing news from those who keep in touch is very rewarding.
We wish everyone a very peaceful Christmas and a wonderful vision for the new year.

These last few days I allowed my mind to turn, if only briefly, to the half term holidays which are creeping-up on us. With two young children in tow I wanted to look at either a short break or even a week in the countryside and forests closer to home.

Wonderful and open spaces such as the New Forest, Forest of Dean and fascinating National Forest appealed – bags of activities for the children come rain or shine and the opportunity to explore a whole region. So, next on my list was checking out the accomodation.

Hotels are great – but with children, our night-life ambitions have to be scaled back! Camping sounds like a fun option – but perhaps in another year or two when the boys are both a little more independent.

So, renting a “Home from Home” seemed like an interesting option. We could go flat out all day and then put our feet up in the evenings in our own little world – cracking open a bottle once the kids were settled in bed!

At this point it dawned on me that I am about to rent a holilday home in a similar way to the many toursists who look at renting one of the 1,500+ apartments and villas which we, at Orpheus Interiors, have supplied furniture packages in Bulgaria.

I started to be quite surprised! The properties I was looking at online in the UK were, without exception, very nicely furnished indeed!

Many had 3 or 4 stars in their own right as accomodation and I naturally started to draw comparisons between these fine rental properties and those in Bulgaria which people have bought as investments as well as for personal relaxation!

A quick boast!… Orpheus Interiors’ furniture in Bulgaria has always been of a high value for money. Quality at the right price.

“I walked into the apartment and it was amazing. Big flat screen tv, beautiful wood bedroom furniture that would not be out of place in a top London hotel room and amazing views from the lounge and both bedrooms. We cracked open a beer and toasted to our holidays whilst listening to the sea lap up against the shore.” [Garden of Eden, St Vlas]

It struck me that these owners in the UK understand a trick or two about the holiday rental market… At the end of the day, the property must be attractive to people in the first place!

Then it needs to leave the paying guests feeling that their “home” for the week has been welcoming, comfortable and a quality experience! Only then can the owner hope for repeat bookings, referrals and perhaps even a kind word or two on all important websites such as Holiday Lettings or Trip Advisor!

“Lovely, bright and clean apartment. Perfect for self catering and close to all the fantastic amenities. We fell in love with the place and will be back next year” Michelle, Derbyshire

Too often we have seen people guided by price alone and make false economies overseas when buying furniture in Bulgaria.

Their colleagues back home, on the other hand, have taken a fine piece of advice from Holiday Lettings manual: Furnish with Flair!

…and don’t just take our word for it!
Orpheus Interiors on Holiday Lettings

Modena Collection

Many or even most of you will have heard of http://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/  – probably the leading source for independent rentals for overseas property investors.

If you have, you can vouch for this yourselves. If you have yet to try them, then at the time of writing I believe that they are offering a trial for just £1! Yes…. One pound!

For us at Orpheus Interiors, we are always chuffed to bits when we see satisfied clients of ours successfully promoting their furnished properties in Bulgaria to let for the coming holiday season.

"Jasmin" Furniture Packages on Holiday Lettings

Make Your Guests Feel At Home

Holiday Lettings advises that you “Furnish with Flair!” Their free lettings guide goes on to say: “Decorating and furnishing your property also needs careful consideration if you are to make it appealing to potential guests.”

So! Here are some tips for you, to ensure that you get the best value for money when buying your furniture in Bulgaria:

  • Compare like-for-like: balance the durability, quality & price to get the best value for money.
  • Avoid cheap for cheap’s sake. Cheap chipboard furniture is furniture’s false economy.
  • Furnish with Flair!… and keep your guests coming back for repeat bookings.
  • Make it a home from home with accessories, books/DVD’s and useful family friendly equipment.
  • Get a good management company recommended by others and develop good relations.
  • Incentivise repeat bookings with a discount, welcome food & wine pack or even a supper in the onsite bistro.
  • Maintain your furniture periodically with our “Furniture MOT” to keep it looking good and lasting as long as it should.
    "Modena" Collection with Toughened Safety Glass
    Well Equipped & Family Friendly

Orpheus Interiors has delivered and installed furniture packages to well over 1,500 clients inBulgaria. We are a proud company, constantly looking for ways to improve our products, services and value for money.

We deliver furniture packages throughout Bulgaria, including Sofia, Bansko, Pamporovo, Varna, Sunny Beach, St Vlas and Nesebar

Free 2D Furniture Layouts

Reassuringly Professional Design Services

Contact us first for a no obligation chat about your requirements. We’ll work hard to ensure that you aren’t disappointed!

Comparing Solid Wood Furniture to Chipboard

“we should all be sensible enough, even more so in modern economic times, to realise that we get what we pay for!…”

Warfold Collection - Solid Wood Dining Furniture

The Warfold Collection - Solid oak from sustainable forests

At Orpheus Interiors, we have long been supplying furniture packages – pointing out [quite rightly!] the superior quality, durability and value for money of our quality products – especially when compared with most of our competitors supplying Bulgarian furniture packages.

Why do we make this claim? Well, one of the most important reasons is that our furniture collections in bulgaria are not made from chipboard. Simple as that!

Our clients [you that is!] naturally look at controlling costs. So you should and so do we!

One of the reasons we started supplying furniture packages in Bulgaria is because we saw the “rip-off” prices people were being charged for poorly designed chipboard furniture.

Not only was it over priced, but also it does not last as long or look as good as real, natural wood furniture.

Don’t be fooled into judging everything on price; compare like for like when considering price, quality and durability. Only then will you get great value for money!

Broken chipboard fixings

Screws may cause Chip Board to blow out

Chipboard [aka particle board] has long been accepted in the manufacture of low cost furniture –typically in the manufacture of cheaper mass market “flat pack” furniture from such as IKEA and others.

Here is an excellent and explanatory article from Wikipedia which acknowledes the practical applications and cost savings of chipboard, yet clearly highlights the compromises made when searching for furniture that not only looks good but will actually last!

“Solid wood has structural advantages over particleboardthe article points out. “It is stronger… allowing it to support greater weights [such] as shelves or other furniture,” whereas “particleboard shelves may visibly sag over time or snap near the fasteners.”

“Screw fasteners should be installed with caution… Otherwise, a fastener may not provide the correct holding power in particleboard over time.”


We at Orpheus Interiors have always had the mission of offering our furniture clients with the very best quality, value and design, and this starts with the very materials used in the manufacture of our furniture.

Bansko Furniture Packages - The Modena Collection

The Modena Collection installed in Bansko, Bulgaria

Part of our superior quality is achieved in the better quality joinery achievable with solid wood or real wood veneered MDF furniture: “It is stronger and much more dense than normal particle board.”

“For example,” Wikipedia continues. “Over torquing [tightening] a screw installed in particleboard would lead to premature failure of the fastener…. Portions of the particleboard may ‘blow out’ when subjected to extension stress.”

A chip board sofa in Bulgaria - broken already!

A Chip Board Sofa from a Competitor in Bulgaria

There is a total “lack of elasticity in particleboard resins as compared to the long strands and compressible voids contained in solid wood…”

Don’t be fooled into judging everything on price; we should all be sensible enough, even more so in modern economic times, to realise that we get what we pay for and that if something really is value for money then it will last and please proportionate to its quality & cost.

“The strength of particleboard, in the context of the application and cost, can offer advantages over solid wood on a cost basis” says Wikipedia. However, “Solid wood is more durable than particleboard.”

When you consider the durability of your furniture package,  you must also consider repair; and this is where cheaper flat-pack chipboard options really do start to come unstuck!

“Damage to solid wood can be repaired by removing and replacing damaged material then refinishing using known wood treatments. Damage to particleboard [however] is typified by structural failure and … is therefore normally very difficult to repair.”

Furniture MOT by Orpheus Interiors

Damage to solid wood can be repaired

Orpheus Interiors also offers its clients a great set of aftersales services including the furniture MOT. This furniture repair service is available to our customers in Bulgaria on demand – though we recommend a check-up every couple of years on average.

This is to ensure that your furniture is kept in great condition as well as looking good for you and your guests renting an apartment in Bulgaria.

Why am I going to the trouble of writing this article?… to make sure that you know what you are buying when you buy it and perhaps above all…. That you compare like for like when considering price, quality and durability. Only then will you get great value for money!

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